Victor Vasarely is considered the leader of Op Art (opticokinetic art) a mathematically themed form of abstract art which was developed in the early 1960’s with an aim to stimulating the eye through the radical use of shapes and colors. Vasarely’s innovations in optical illusion and kinetic art have inspired many contemporary artists.

The collection reflects Vasarely’s ability to see the world through a prism, translating shapes and forms into a set of basic “art elements,” which he captured and then used to convey his messages through his stunning images. As a result, we too see in his works these universal elements and can easily identify with them.

“Every creator worthy of the name lives two lives: one is contemporary and the other is in the future survival of this work.”
Original Works

150 relatively large frames.


Signed serigraphs, original watercolors, early advertising original acrylics.

Exhibition Materials

High resolution images, captions, wall texts.


About 110 – 125 linear meters (350 – 400 linear feet) for the entire collection depending on how the works are installed.

Exhibition Catalogue

Catalog design available in Adobe InDesign format.

Selected Works