The history of navigation in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas is a fascinating narrative of sea voyages, shipbuilding accomplishments, dissemination of ideas and technological development. Forty-two ship models illustrate this history of shipbuilding and seafaring, from antiquity to modern times.

The models were constructed by Dimitris Maras, a mechanical engineer who turned his hobby unto a full-time passion.  He has studied the naval architectural history of the Greek world, searching old records for details about both the designs and the methods of construction. His model vessels, all hand made in the wood used during each historical period, vary in size from 1 ½ ft. to 6 ft. and are exact replicas to the smallest detail. Mr. Maras’ attention to detail extends even to the parts of his ships that are hidden to the viewer. The size and exceptional quality of these models help the viewer to better understand the evolution of shipbuilding among the people of the Mediterranean, from antiquity to the mid-20th century, through an imaginary voyage in time.

It is a history of maritime voyages, achievements in naval architecture, exchange of ideas and technological developments, presented through about 40 handmade wooden models of Greek ships, which date from prehistoric times to the middle of the 20th century.
Original Works

The collection includes about 40 handmade models.


Each model is constructed after extensive research and paying attention to every historic detail.

Exhibition Materials

High resolution images, captions, wall texts.


140 linear meters (420 linear feet).

Exhibition Catalogue

Original English / Greek version is available for sale but the design work is also available for museums interested in producing their own catalog.

Selected Works