Themed, high profile,

single-source exhibitions.


Single Transaction

One single transaction delivers to a museum's doorstep all that is needed to set up their exhibition: artwork, essays, captions, photographs. Museums can complement the artwork in these collections with works they already own or can easily borrow from their known sources.


By selecting a ready-to-exhibit collection the museum will know in advance the entire costs (which depends on the size and importance of the collection). This allows the borrowing museum to concentrate on the funding without the risk of running over the budget. A ready-to-exhibit collection will also reduce the operating costs related to curating an exhibition from the very start.


A museum can quickly know if a collection is available for the time period requested and thus simplify the scheduling process.


Pan Art Connections provides single-source collections, each of which is available in its entirety to the borrowing museum for the agreed period. We also handle all the required paperwork and make all the arrangements for the collection to be delivered and, at the close of the exhibition, to be picked up.

General Conditions

All standard museum procedures and practices are applied as one would expect when borrowing or lending artwork. For example, borrowing museums must submit a Facilities Report, which must be approved by the lender. Typical charges such as shipping, insurance, and courier expenses for verifying condition reports are applied as per normal museum standards. Perhaps the most important aspect of PAN’s work is to guide lenders while at the same time understanding the needs of museums.

We offer museums and institutions a selection of high-profile, ready-to-exhibit, single-source collections, ensuring high attendance at a competitive cost. We significantly reduce overhead expenses by including nail-to-nail services. Museums, institutions, businesses and private collectors can generate revenues and exposure by joining our select inventory of ready-to-exhibit collections.

  • All works are shipped framed as per international museum standards.
  • All collections include the necessary international shipping crates and packing materials ensuring safe ‘nail to nail” transport.
  • Each collection has its own conditions. For example, works on paper have temperature and humidity control requirements. Once a collection is selected its specific requirements will be made available.
  • Collections are comprehensive, covering a substantial part of the artist’s body of work and are capable of serving as a stand-alone exhibition.
  • Museum curators can curate shows to their specifications and are provided with extensive information.
  • All exhibitions may be expanded or complemented with art from the borrowing museum’s own collections.
  • The exhibits provide endless opportunities for the development of educational programs, which we can assist with.