Presentation and Q&A at Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

It was an honor for PANART’s President, Nicholas Kondoprias, to virtually address a group of bright and aspiring students at Florida Southern College’s “The Art of Curating” class. The class is expertly taught by Dr. Alexander Rich, Executive Director & Chief Curator of the Polk Museum as well as Chair of the Department of Art History and Museum Studies.

During the presentation, Mr. Kondoprias offered valuable insights into the fascinating world of traveling exhibitions and their impact on the museum community. He shared the many benefits of our collaborative efforts with renowned museums as they are either lending their collections or bringing collections to share with their audience. The end result is always one based on the passion that museums have to inspire and educate their audiences!

At PANART, we are committed to representing the world’s most discerning art collectors and showcasing their collections in museums and art institutions globally. We firmly believe that art is a shared experience that should be accessible to everyone, and our exhibitions provide the opportunity for individuals to view extraordinary collections.

PANART’s mission to collaborate with museums and art institutions globally is critical to the preservation and sharing of art and culture. We are passionate about inspiring and educating the next generation of curators, art historians, museum professionals, and art enthusiasts. We are thrilled that Mr. Kondoprias was invited by Dr. Rich to speak and share his expertise with the students at Florida Southern College, and we hope his presentation has sparked their curiosity and elevated their aspirations.

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