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The Memorial Art Gallery had an excellent experience working with PAN Art. The Organization is professionally managed and collaborative. Our exhibition of 106 original works by M.C. Escher was extremely well received by our audience. The art was of a high quality and beautifully framed. We would gladly work with PAN Art again.

JONATHAN P.BINSTOCK, Ph.D & MARY W. & DONALD R. CLARK, DirectorMemorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY USA

Toulouse Lautrec and his World provided us with the perfect entrée into exhibiting European art at Fenimore Art Museum. As a museum that has traditionally exhibited American art, we felt fortunate that Pan Art helped us feel comfortable and at home with this new-to-us material.

The exhibition contributed to a record-breaking year here in terms of attendance. The merchandise made available by Pan Art also contributed to record sales in our Museum Shop. Programming opportunities abounded for the entire duration of the exhibition, from first person character tours to themed dining.

The Pan Art team was terrific to work with. From initial contact, through the contract stage, to the final condition reporting, everyone was professional and pleasant. We are looking forward to possible future collaborations with Pan Art.

Dr. PAUL S. D’AMBROSIO, President and CEOFenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY USA

M.C. Escher, like Dalí, play in a serious way with the fundamental question of visual art - What is real? Is the world as it looks to be, or have I constructed an illusion in my mind? Escher delights every viewer with his visual sleights of hand.

M. C. Escher is one of the world’s most famous graphic artist—mostly known for his impossible constructions. The exhibit showcased Escher’s early landscapes and book illustration to his exploration into infinity through tessellation represented by the enormous woodcut “Metamorphosis” (1939-40) which spans 13-1/2 feet. The exhibit concluded with Escher’s mind-bending ideas, such as mirror images, multiple dimensions and impossible constructions blending two-and three-dimension that seem to defy gravity.

We anticipated the exhibit would be extremely popular with our visitors since there is such a correlation between these two artists. PAN ART proved to be efficient and organized and supplied a large collection quite adaptable to different museum spaces. The prints are beautifully framed accompanied by didactic information easily tailored to the style of our display. Our programing included an illuminating presentation by the collector Paul Firos, a lecture by a collage mathematics teacher enthralled with tessellation, childrens games and lectures by myself and the Curator of Education on the artist.

JOAN KROPF, Deputy Director/ Chief CuratorDalí Museum, St. Petersburg, FL USA

Our visitors loved the Toulouse-Lautrec and His World exhibition, and we received many positive comments. PAN Art Connections were very easy to work with and anticipated all our needs. We enjoyed working with them and look forward to possible future collaborations.

TRACEE J. GLAB, Curator of Collections and ExhibitionsFlint Institute of Arts, Flint, MI USA

Over the last five years, it has been most rewarding for the New Britain Museum of American Art to work with PAN Art Connections, Inc. The Toulouse-Lautrec and Escher exhibition brought record numbers of people to the Museum. We expanded our membership dramatically and sales in the Museum store were robust. The exhibitions came with comprehensive text panels and labels and interpretive, educational materials. The works of art themselves were of the very highest quality and were in perfect condition and beautifully framed. Visitors of all ages reacted very well especially to the Escher show, which resonated with visitors from their teenage years to their nineties.

Most of all, it was a pleasure to work with the staff of PAN Art Connections, Inc. They are responsible, well-organized, and made every effort to accommodate all of our particular requirements. Whenever we needed them, they provided the assistance, which made our entire relationship with them mutually beneficial.

In terms of our budget and in terms of the contract, PAN was 100% on target and no complications ensued. Of the dozens of exhibitions we have mounted over the last decade, I would say that the Escher and Toulouse-Lautrec shows were certainly among the most popular and most well-remembered. We look forward to working with PAN again in the future.

DOUGLAS HYLAND, DirectorNew Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT USA

The Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition was a major hit! The collection itself is marvelous, including so many aspects of Lautrec’s career, from small-scale illustrations for periodicals and books, as well as original drawings that show his “hand,” to the large-scale posters that made his career. These rare and fragile works were in excellent condition.

The exhibition was very well attended and lent itself to so many exciting programs. A big hit was the French Fridays gallery talks, which were so crowded that we needed to split the group into two separate tours some weeks! Sunday lectures were also popular. They included Mr. Firos talking about his collection, which was a real treat, and Professor Lisa Norris discussing the “Belle-Epoque.” Children’s summer workshops were also lively, planned around the themes of making posters, sketching in the galleries, and “French Flair, Food, and Fun.” Our children’s area, Art Ways, was developed into an interactive area with the theme of the Moulin Rouge.

In sum, we were delighted with the collection and the associated programs were able to develop.

DIANE FISCHER, Chief CuratorThe Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, PA USA

In 2010-2011 an exhibition on Toulouse Lautrec was organized at the Teloglion Foundation of Arts with the participation of the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Museummm Toulouse Lautrec in Albi (France) and the Herakleidon Museum in Athens.

Through PAN Art Connections, the Herakleidon Museum lent us a remarkable collection consisting approximately of a hundred and forty works of art, posters, prints, drawings and art editions on Toulouse Lautrec. It is a significant collection of Lautrec's works, well preserved and presented, which was also appreciated by the colleagues of the above mentioned French Museum who visited the exhibition in Thessaloniki.

We would like to stress the excellent collaboration in all aspects with PAN Art and its staff. They responded with consistency, accuracy, willingness and versatility in dealing with various problems emerging usually during the preparation of an exhibition, always with a pleasant and friendly spirit of collaboration. It is a real pleasure to work and cooperate with PAN Art in any kind of cultural projects or activities.

PROFESSOR ALEXANDRA GOULAKIS-VOUTIRA, General SecretaryThe Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation, Thessaloniki Greece

Victor Vasarely: The Absolute Eye at the Mattatuck Museum was a wonderful and engaging show for the Museum. Vasarely’s work is incredibly dynamic and creates an exceptional viewing experience for audiences. The artist’s use of optic trickery and illusionism captures the interest immediately. It is a truly unique experience to envelop oneself in a three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional canvas. The bright use of color and the sense of movement in Vasarely’s works further adds to the compelling nature of his pieces. Some works almost seem to shimmer due to Vasarely’s techniques, while others had central objects that moved backwards and forwards. Furthermore, this show was a boon for The MATT and our audiences. As The MATT seeks to present exhibitions that challenge both the eye and the mind, and Vasarely, the Father of Op Art, fulfilled those criteria brilliantly. Among the largest groups to visit this exhibition was school-aged children. Our Education Department delighted in this show which gave out docents and students the opportunity to explore math and art – matching the STEM system prevalent in today’s schools.

CYNTHIA ROZNOY, Ph.D., CuratorMattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT USA

We had a wonderful experience working with PAN ART Connections Inc. to bring Victor Vasarely: The Absolute Eye to the Mattatuck Museum. They are professional, attentive and passionate about the collection. They provided expertise on the artist and the work that enabled our staff to develop engaging public programs for a wide variety of visitors. The works of art were pristine and of the highest quality.

ROBERT BURNS, DirectorMattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT USA

Every aspect of working with the PAN ART Team on the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition from the Herakleidon Museum was a gratifying pleasure. Nicholas Kondoprias was always fully informed, prepared and responsive. He is clearly dedicated to the care and preservation of the collection and enthusiastic about its promotion. The shipping and handling logistics went seamlessly and attest to Nicholas’s concern for the safety and security of the collection. PAN ART TEAM member, Michelle Murdock, ably assisted with the repacking of the exhibition and prepared the outgoing condition reports. Her interest in the welfare of the collection was self-evident and her methods exemplary.
The quality of the Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was celebrated by all of our enthusiastic visitors. We can provide a sampling of press reviews and clippings to document the shows critical success. And the numbers of visitors speak for themselves. Finally, what could be more topical than the artist’s role as a portraitist in the rise of the cult of celebrity that so dominates today’s social scene and media?

PETER C. SUTTON, SUSAN E. LYNCH, Executive Director & CEOBruce Museum, Greenwich, CT USA

It was truly an honor partnering with Pan Art Connections in 2017 & 2018 on a Victor Vasarely exhibition at the World Chess Hall of Fame in Saint Louis, Missouri. Nicholas Kondoprias manages the collection and the entire exhibition process with such ease and professionalism. The artwork was so well cared for and this was one of our favorite exhibitions that we’ve had since we opened in 2011.

We are in awe of Paul Firos and what he does for arts education. This collaboration was such a perfect fit that I hope we can work together on future projects. The exhibition was so well received at our institution and introduced new audiences to Vasarely and his vast contribution to chess and art.

SHANNON BAILEY, Chief CuratorWorld Chess Hall of Fame, Saint Louis, MO USA

The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s experiences with PAN Art Connections and its M.C. Escher and Victor Vasarely exhibitions have been entirely positive. Both exhibitions have delighted visitors, appealing to a range of ages and interests. Woodson Art Museum curators and educators planned exciting and informative complementary programs that led to meaningful engagement among participants. We look forward to our continued excellent working relationship with Nicholas Kondoprias, Paul Firos and PAN Art Connections.

KATHY KELSEY FOLEY, DirectorLeigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI USA

With its scope, diversity, and complexity, the M.C. Escher exhibition proved to be a popular and beloved experience for thousands of guests at the Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, South Carolina. Audiences accepted our COVID-19 visitation protocols and willingly stood in line to see Escher’s extraordinary craftsmanship and incredible perspectives. Pan Art Connections was a very collegial and supportive partner. They allowed us to curate our show to accommodate our unique spaces and needs. Stringent copyright image restrictions can be worked around; just allow plenty of time to create your design campaign.

DELLA WATKINS, Executive DirectorColumbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC USA

There was something about this exhibition that resonated, not only with our core audience, but also with groups of people we had never seen before. Haring is idolized by a wide range of people of all backgrounds and his work continues to inspire those who feel they have no other support for their creative endeavors or their particular means of expressing themselves. The exhibition seemed to be a great release for a lot of people who felt their creative side squelched either the educational system or by society. But even for those in our mainstream audience, the liveliness, the energy, the color, the vitality, and the relevance of Keith Haring shone through. I’ve been doing exhibitions for thirty years and I’ve never seen a reaction quite like the one to "Keith Haring: Radiant Vision".

Dr. PAUL S. D'AMBROSIO President and CEOFenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, NY USA